McLaren has ruled out entering the World Endurance Championship for the 2020/21 season, despite efforts to attract new manufacturers like the British maker with the coming of hypercar regulations.

McLaren forms part of a working class which is helping to form the new WEC regulations which will be based on road-going hypercars, and whilst McLaren CEO Zak Brown claims that they remain actively engaged in those discussions, an entry in 2020 is not likely as it works to enhance its Formula 1 ensemble before committing to other string.

“It’s under review. The rules have yet to be finalised.

“We’ve got a sense of what they are and we are very engaged, we have a working team inside McLaren who aren’t on our Formula 1 activities reviewing it, and that I believe the rules are going to be put in place at the close of the year.

“Then we’ll be in a place to take a choice if we & rsquo; re going to enter and although we’d enter, but highly unlikely it would be for the start of the 2020 calendar. ”

Brown has also ruled a fulltime IndyCar entrance , a choice which was repeatedly driven by its F1 struggles.

No manufacturer has committed to the rules, though it’s considered Aston Martin and Toyota are near to doing this, whilst BMW and Ferrari have also demonstrated an interest.