Congrats to the newlyweds!!!

Following that their July 2017 participation , two time Olympic medalist and one of the planet ’s greatest middle blockers Foluke Akinradewo and financial analyst Jonathan Gunderson tied the knot last November 3rd facing their family and closest friends.

The wedding was held in the beautiful Green Acre Campus Pointe in San Diego, California.

Jordan Larson, Tamari Miyashiro & Courtney Thompson were a part of rsquo & Foluke .

S present and former teammates like Alisha Glass Tayyiba Haneef Park, Karsta Lowe, Cassidy Lichtmann, Lauren Paolini & Christa Harmotto Dietzen.

In case you didn’t understand, Foluke and this year will perform in the League with Hisamitsu Springs.

Once More, congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Gunderson!


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