{Guatemala’s Christopher Diaz-Figueroa|The Christopher Diaz-Figueroa of guatemala} {has been|was} {prohibited|banned} from {with|using} {a further|a} 12 months suspended – for {2|two} decades – {for|to get} match-fixing.

The world number 723 was found guilty of”contriving {the|that the} {outcome|results} of a {match|game}” in an {International|worldwide} Federation event in Prague in November 2017.

The 28-year-old {was {also |}|was }{accountable|answerable} for failing to report the {strategy|plan}.

{He had|He’d} {the ban and {a $ 5,000|a} fine|a fine that is $ 5,000 and the ban|{a $ 5,000|a} fine and the ban|the ban and a fine that is $ 5,000} suspended for {three|3} years {from|in} the Coding Unit of {{an|the} {extra|excess}|{an|the}} year.