To date, 60 teams from 5 countries have been registered in seven groups to Prague Games. The last registration day is November 25th.  We have registered teams from , and the Danish and Slovak representations as the greatest attractions.

The organizers are thus keen to make the guarantee they’ve given before the beginning of the registration, in order to get a minumum of one foreign team in each category. This gives that a unique chance to teams and coaches from the to play and compare with teams.

“We are thrilled”, states director , global games of categories is just one of our main objectives.  “Today we are also addressing the possible participation of 3 groups out of Italy, which could be a noble cherry on the cake. And so, I appeal to the teams that still need to enlist in the championship we won’t be able to take the applications that are subsequent.

There is currently recruiting of volunteers going on, without which such a large tournament Can’t be done, all the information will Discover potential candidates on

That’s why if you’re about Christmas holidays in Prague or around, do not stay home and be a part of the PVG.


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