Hamilton’s ian Grand Prix victory last weekend, coupled with finishing fifth, means is uncatchable heading to the finale.

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and were neck-and-neck for more than half the season but a golden run of form, led by Hamilton, put in the clear and allowed it to wrap up the drivers’ and constructors’ championship for the fifth season in a row.

“We win races, and we’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of success, but when we win everyone is quite quiet – happy, but quite controlled,” said Hamilton.

“This time it was just great see everyone [celebrate]. Everyone was just biting their nails through the year, so it was such an incredible effort from everyone.

“It’s never a given, you just have to keep working, keep churning away. That’s what we did, kept hopes high and kept our targets very, very high.

“This should, will, have a great end to the year for us but also a great knock-on effect for next year.”

’ five-year domination of both championships means it has matched ’s record of doubles from 2000-2004.

Hamilton said he has not experienced a high like celebrating ’ fifth brace in a row.

“I could see how nervous Toto was,” he said.

“He kept on reminding me how important this was for the team and I was saying, ‘Toto, I know, I’ve been with the team for six years now, I know how important this is and you don’t have to tell me – I did get pole and I’m doing the job, just sit back and let me do what I do.’

“To be able to do that, to see everyone’s excitement, to know we’re going to go back to the factory and see all those people who have worked for this – this is the height.

“I’ve never experienced the height that I’ve experienced here.”

Hamilton fell to the ground with some of his team members when celebrating the title in parc ferme.

He added: “When we did the jumping around and everything and we fell off the barrier, I think it might be the best moment that I’ve had with this team.”

’ massive momentum shift

Hamilton went head-to-head with ’s for the 2018 title as each driver pursued their fifth world championship.

They were evenly matched up until the , which sparked a run of errors from Vettel at the same time Hamilton embarked on a four-race race winning streak.

trailed by 20 points after the first 10 races – but, as you can see by the tables below, blitzed its rival in the second half of the year.


Points in first 10 races 




Points in last 10 races




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