The MotoGP area used the majority of the tyres available over the weekend, with some riders with the majority of sessions throughout the weekend occurring on a moist or soaked track.

However, as the Valencia Grand Prix was red-flagged, riders had an opportunity also Dovizioso was one of those to make use of it, having opted to rescue an extra rear tyre.

This, combined with modifications before the red flag came up, made to the control of , was crucial to the Ducati rider’s victory.

“I decide to not follow him, it was too much for me in the moment.

“After, I understood that I have some margin to play and the rain become thicker and thicker and I was able to be a bit faster than him.

“That was good but after some laps I watched Valentino much quicker than me, he was almost one second faster than me, he grab me so fast and it was difficult to manage Alex and Vale and every lap the track became much worse, there was a lot of crashes.

“I am so pleased about that and complete the first [portion of the] race on the bike because [it] became impossible, the final lap we did.

“I was able to place new tyres for the next race on the trunk and also we did some alterations on the setup because Valentino was substantially quicker in braking and entrance.

“The reason why I couldn’t be strong like him, it was the back, therefore we did something to be able to brake a bit tougher. The mix, the tyre and setup work well.”

Neither Rins nor Rossi had fresh tyres for the restart, using the latter joking of Dovizioso within his post-race session:”I don’t understand where he hid that tyre.”

Dovizioso continued:”I wanted to stop Alex because I was anxious to create what occurred in the very first race.

“In the end I realise after two laps I was a bit quicker than the first race and they were a bit slower so that I was able to place a fantastic rhythm.

“Alex couldn’t follow me because I think he didn’t have a brand new tyre, and also Valentino.”

Podium: race winner Andrea Dovizioso, Ducati Team

Photo by: Gold and Goose / LAT Images


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