The 64-year-old Ghosn has been considered as one of the most powerful executives in the industry, known for his ability to cut prices and turn around struggling companies.

He is only 1 step removed from the F1 group, as Renault Sport president Jerome Stoll reports directly to him.

In a media conference today, Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa explained that Ghosn is predicted to be sacked this week.

“I will call a board meeting to create a proposal to remove him from the position of chairmanship and accept it,” Saikawa was reported as saying by AFP.

“The partnership among the three entities will not be affected by this occasion, instead we will closely work together with the partners to contain any possible confusion.”

He added:”Looking back, the concentration of power was something we all will need to deeply reflect on.”

The information has even attracted comment from French president Emmanuel Macron, who noted that the French nation, which owns a 15% stake in ,”will probably be extremely vigilant as to the stability of the alliance and the team”.

While Ghosn’s impending departure is not likely to have an effect on ’s F1 plans in the brief term, he had been a key supporter within the group, also had approved big decisions such as the return to functions possession of the Enstone team.