ECA chief Andrea Agnelli will oppose plans for a European Super League

ECA chief Andrea Agnelli will oppose plans for a European Super League

The European Club Association (ECA) leader Andrea Agnelli and UEFA president Aleksander Cerefin are set to affirm their combined rejection of any plans for a new European Super League.

The two organisations will hold a media conference in Brussels on Tuesdayand in which the possibility of a \league will be discussed and opposed.

The ECA, who has members from 25 countries such as the English Football League, Premier League and Scottish Professional Football League, have made it clear that they had no knowledge of the breakaway programs published by German magazine Der Speigel and released by Football Leaks.

The programs indicated a 16-team line up from 2021 featuring 11 of Europe’s top clubs, plus 5 invited teams, at what would be regarded as a substitute for the Champions League.


The Sunday Supplement panel talk a Dramatic European Super League would work and what affect it would have on the domestic leagues across Europe.

The Sunday Supplement panel discuss how a breakaway European Super League would work and what impact it could have on the national leagues around Europe.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has warned that players engaged in almost any European Super League will be prohibited from playing international soccer.

Earlier this week, Arsenal’s managing director Vinai Venkatesham stated the club want to be a part of any talks on a prospective European Super League – however deny they’d break away in the Premier League when a new contest comes into fruition.

“Arsenal are not or never have been thinking about playing in any contest that simplifies the Premier League,” he explained. “The Premier League is the world’s leading league in the major game, we do not need to do anything to damage the Premier League.

“When people discuss the European Super League, which covers a very major spectrum. Folks believe this is what we are talking about and leap to one end of this spectrum – but often it’s just from where we are today, a slight evolution.

“I see the posts that Arsenal want to break off, and we never want to do some of this. But we \have to recognise we wouldn’t be liable or we have to be in these discussions.

“We have to be at the discussions, it does not automatically mean we encourage them”

Both the ECA and UEFA have also lent their disagreement with the plans of Infantino .