ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) — Kerryon Johnson was a bright spot for Detroit in a year with lots of struggles.

Now the Lions are eventually coming off a triumph — but Johnson left that success with a left knee injury.

Detroit’s rookie running back in the second half Sunday’s triumph over the Carolina Panthers, and although the Lions needed to be pleased to snap a three-game losing streak, they face a daunting task during the next couple of weeks.

Detroit has a short turnaround before its Thanksgiving game against Chicago — maybe not a great position for a player and then the Lions face the .

“Not certain what his position is, but we’ve dealt in different regions on our team with it before. Only next man up, let’s move,” quarterback Matthew Stafford explained.

Detroit was without wide receiver Marvin Jones (knee) from Carolina. Then Johnson abandoned the game, but the Lions were able to win anyhow thanks to a huge catches by recipient Kenny Golladay.

No Detroit participant has over nine. Blount is averaging just 2.3 yards a week.

The Lions can bring in someone from outside the company to aid at running back, but there’s not much time before the game.

Zenner has played sporadically because the 2015 year — he had 88 conveys in 2016.


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