This will be the first fight for the Valdez since he suffered a broken jaw March from Scott Quigg.

Gago is a six-year pro from Spain, who beaten by rival Viorel Simion at 2016, and has dropped from 9th round knockout in 2017 to Scott Quigg. He & rsquo; s generally been beating on domestic and journeyman level resistance in Spain since he turned pro. It didn & rsquo; t work for him when Gago did try stepping it up from Simion and Quigg.

Valdez has made changes to his fighting style to become more defensive, considering he’s taken a great deal of punishment in his last three battles against Genesis Servania Quigg and Miguel Marriaga. Valdez was hurt in every one of those fights by hard head shots. Some boxing fans believe that rsquo Valdez &;s punch immunity isn’t exactly the same. Marriaga on a few occasions in their fight wobbled valdez in March 2017. The fight was won by valdez but it was an easy one for him. Marriaga rallied late and looked like the man that was more powerful at the end.

It’s uncertain whether the World Boxing Organization will sanction the Valdez-Gago fightt ranked in the top 15 by his or her own organization. Things like that have a method of working out however with fighters looking at the top 15 positions overnight. It’s possible that we might see Gago showing up at the WBO’s leading 15, that would make the Valdez battle less of a problem in the opinion of the boxing world. It’s hard for the best contenders to observe a 2nd tier fighter being given a title shot before them. You can understand why a fighter like Valdez would want to take a tune-up fight after the jaw injury he suffered in March eight months back from the powerful Scott Quigg. The logical thing for a champion like Valdez to do would be to vacate his WBO title if he feels that he wants to take on a non-contender for a title defense, but he&rsquo. It comes down to what the WBO is comfortable with. If they’re good with their champions bypassing the best contenders to shoot tune-up fights in title defenses of the belt, then they can provide the Valdez vs. Gago fight the green lighting. But should they care about wanting their best 15 contenders