has defended his”normal response” after he shoved whenever the Frenchman had denied him a likely win in the .

Verstappen, 21, was leading on lap 44 when backmarker Ocon tried to un-lap himself and the pair collided.

The Dutchman spun and lost the lead to before pushing Ocon in the chest three times.

“It could have been much worse,” said the driver on Thursday.

Speaking at a news conference prior to the last race of this season in , Verstappen added:”What do you expect me to do? Shake his hand and say’thank you very much for making me second rather than first’? I believe it is quite a response.

“We are all psychological and in the time I had lost a victory. Pushing it happens. I saw it in football . So from my side, I thought it was rather a calm response.”

He remonstrated in the motorist weighing area after the race with Ocon and the two drivers were subsequently called to see the incident to be explained by that the stewards.

Verstappen was ordered to carry out two days of public service to atone for”making willful physical contact ” Ocon, who was given a 10-second stop-go penalty for its collision during the race.

Verstappen said he reacted the way he did due to something the Force motorist stated.

“You don’t hear what’s said, you simply see me pushing. I was after a apology and I got a small different response,” Verstappen added.

“But if you understand the entire conversation you may see it as a bit different. He said something that I did not expect to hear. It does not matter what it was.

“I don’t expect to crash with a backmarker. If you get hit like this, I frankly don’t understand what I should do differently.”

Ocon, who won’t be driving in Formula 1 in 2019, stated:”It is not a great thing to participate with a crash with the chief. It is not and I’m sorry for Max.

“It was his race win, he did a fantastic job during the entire race. We must move in what happened forwards. We can’t alter the past”

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