Ocon has lost his chair to as part of these changes triggered by Stroll’s father Lawrence leading.

Efforts by long-time backer to put Ocon at other F1 teams including , McLaren and Williams all failed, with ’s statement of as its next 2019 driver on Thursday closing the final doorway.

As expects of a chair elsewhere disappeared, suggested Wolff offered details on Friday and it could find a non-racing role for Ocon.

“The programs are fairly clear,” explained Wolff. “He will be fairly close to the group – he’ll be our reserve driver and third driver.

“We hope to do the odd test , we’re taking a look at pre-season and in-season but it’s not sorted out yet.

“He’ll do a lot of time at the simulator to make sure he is ready.”

contract covers 2019, meaning Ocon could have the opportunity.

He said on Thursday that had given him”no assurances” about 2020 but that”hopefully” a year out of racing would pay off with a fantastic opportunity for the following season.

“Me and we find great opportunities for me to return in 2020 so hopefully that will be the case and I will be back much stronger than I am now.”

Ocon had said this summer he was convinced it had been only”a matter of time” until he had been rushing for ’ most important F1 team.


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