Women’s FC Basel Staff not invited to Team anniversary gala

Controversy has been caused by A gala to celebrate FC Basel’s 125th anniversary following the women’s team wasn’t encouraged – but requested to work at the event rather.

The Ss soccer club side were selling tombola tickets to more than a thousand guests while the men’s group had a meal.

After completing their work, the girls were given sandwiches to eat at another area, CNN reported.

A spokesman for the team said the women”consented to assist” as a few of the money raised at the gala was going for their group.

None of the players from the staff of the women have publically commented about the incident.

Others said the incident proved there is gender inequality in sport.

FC Basel said the women’s team were not invited to be guests at the event as the club”wanted to have as many anniversary celebration tickets for sale as possible for the public”.

“No departments – except for our first group, the board and the managing of this club – were encouraged for the night,” the spokesman said.

“Since it had been our 125th anniversary it was clear, that our very first team would take part in it, vicarious for all the previous teams who wrote our history as the founding in 1893.

“There will be another large anniversary event exclusively for our employees and teams following year.”


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