VAR was used in this year's World Cup final between France and Croatia
VAR was Utilized in this Season’s World Cup final between France and Croatia

Video assistant referees (VAR) can be introduced into the and also this year.

an football’s governing body chosen against with this season to VAR despite it FIFA at the World Cup in Russia and had been used by major an leagues.

Speaking at a joint and ECA media conference in Brussels on Tuesday, president Aleksander Ceferin said the firm’s refereeing chief has been major efforts to make sure ’s swimming pool of referees are ready for VAR and all”technical aspects” happen to be addressed.

“I expect the report at a week or so and then we will see when we could implement it (at) the latest, next season,” said Ceferin.

Aleksander Ceferin has hinted at VAR being introduced in this season's Champions League knockout rounds
Aleksander Ceferin has triumphed at VAR being released in this year’s knockout rounds

Juventus chairman and (ECA) chairman was sat beside Ceferin and included:”The hottest next season also means there’s space for earlier execution and we’re delighted as nightclubs for that and we invite for the work they’ve been putting together”

is your final significant competition organiser in world soccer Together with the agreeing last week to present VAR from next season\.

It has previously been suggested that may try to roll out VAR for its ’s quarter-finals, which commence April 9, even though the clubs have been eager to introduce the system when possible, which may be the very first knockout round starting on February 12.

The knockout round starts on February 14\.