Christian Eriksen accepts Tottenham may play the remainder of this season's home games at Wembley

Christian Eriksen accepts Tottenham may play the Rest of this Year’s home games in Wembley

Christian Eriksen says Tottenham players are”joyful” playing Wembley and that continuing to play there won’t affect their year.

Spurs have consented that a”contingency” plan to play the rest of this effort’s home games at the national stadium if the opening of the 62,000 seater stadium continues to be postponed.

Despite the doubt, Tottenham are in the Premier League and Eriksen insists that the team hasn’t yet been distracted.

Speaking ahead of Denmark’s game against Wales on Friday, live on Sky Sports, Eriksen explained:”We are happy at Wembley for more than a year now and it feels like our second home.

“Obviously our players and our fans can not wait for us to reach the new stadium and get started. However, these things take time and we want to be certain it is done.

“It will be an amazing and incredible place, thus we are in need of it to be finished correctly.

“Everyone wants to be in the new arena but we can not assist with the construction or put up bricks.

Harry Kane scored twice as Tottenham beat PSV Eindhoven in their last 'home' game at Wembley

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“So we must make it and let them get on with their occupation. Focus on football and we need to do ours. I can not see it affecting our life.”

Capacity for Tottenham matches at Wembley is going to be limited after the visit due to council restrictions on November 24 of Chelsea to 51,000.

Wembley will submit a planning application to raise the ability with added exceptions of 90,000 to 62,000.

Tottenham will give an update on the stadium’s progress\.