Fernando Alonso waves to Formula 1. Andrew Benson appears back in lows in a five-part series that is particular and the two-time world champion’s high.

Look at when it started to go wrong at . Read on here.

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton

The moment of madness in Hungary when Fernando Alonso held up Le Hamilton – and the rest of his livelihood. Read on here.

Fernando Alonso

Part three – The years and also the championships that got away

offers a chance to become a legend in the Italian team and also a fresh lease of life – but what went wrong? Read on here.


Part four – Alonso, Vettel and a nice box of chocolates – the way Alonso abandoned

Hell hath no fury like a driver scorned when the horse’s head is turned by a new suitor. Read on here.

Fernando Alonso

Anecdotes of a driver, whom Formula 1 will overlook, and excellence on a man. Read on here.