Hulkenberg’s car came to rest upside down, leaning against the obstruction in the exterior of the Turn 8/9 chicane, after he was delivered to some set of flips by his clash with Romain Grosjean.

The coverage in these circumstances is to watch for the automobile before attempting to get out the driver to be righted.

Whiting stressed that Hulkenberg actually had more space due to the way the cockpit is supported by in which the halo.

“Quite clearly that is among the sort of mishaps the halo was made to aid with,” Whiting said when asked by about the situation by

“It provides more space for the driver once the vehicle is upside down. That was among those things we needed to be sure was possible [throughout the stage for the halo].

“When you’ve got an accident like this the radio in the vehicle is mechanically routed to race control so we get immediate information.

“Drivers normally say’I’m OK’ or’I am fine,’ and we relay this to the physicians on their way to the scene. Then they could take their time to acquire the car righted and let him escape .”

“So the regular under those circumstances is to put the car back on its wheels, which has to be carried out carefully naturally.

“After back on its brakes he was able to get out by himself.

“It was really controlled by what I could see, and our healthcare delegate was more than happy with the way it was done. It all worked just as it should.”

F1 executive director Marcin Budkowski, who was working for the while the halo has been developed, agreed that situation has been handled properly.

“In my previous life from the there were a lot of questions regarding whether it would be adverse,” he informed

“It gives the driver much more space. Attempting to flip over the car is the overall coverage, and that was the case before the halo.

“Obviously there was some amount of fire at the car that needed to be extinguished. When it was not possible, I think that it was a different story, and they likely would have extracted him.

“After the flame is out, effectively there is no danger to the driver, the driver speaks and he’s not hurt, the safest thing is to reverse the vehicle.

“Should you ask Nico it likely didn’t happen fast enough, but it was the ideal thing to do.”

The crashed car of Nico Hulkenberg, Renault Sport F1 Team R.S. 18 is recovered

The crashed car of , Sport F1 Team R.S. 18 is recovered

Photo by: Simon Galloway / Sutton Images


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