Date Printed: Sunday 25th November 2018 11:31

Jose Mourinho has hailed Victor Lindelof as “a Great illustration ” in .

Mourinho was named our early disappointment after slipped to another disappointing result on Saturday, drawing 0-0 at home with relegation-threatened Crystal Palace.

There were few positives but a second sheet of the season was the silver lining to the greyest of clouds.

Mourinho said: “I believe so. I need to consider so.

“I say this is the period of these harms. They arrive at the clubs if they’re not hurt with the national teams and are hurt.

“He played Russia three days ago or two days before, when he performs but of course, we want him. He was our very best player.

“he probably penalized himself, although He was a brave lad. I don’t know how long he will be out, but he is a fantastic example. ”