Affixed to the back of every player’s helmet since they try to set a franchise record with their eighth straight win is going to be a small decal in the form of a soccer with easy white block letters bearing his initials of “RCM. ”

On Saturday prior to practice was started by the Texans, coach Bill O’Brien discussed McNair’s his departure with the group and fight with cancer.

“He loved the Houston Texans and he loved coming here to practice and he loved … the specialists will say, the guys that have been here a very long time, sitting in his cart with (kid ) Cal (McNair) watching practice, driving around to the different drills,” O’Brien stated on a video provided by the team.

“And I just think on a day such as this before we hit the area — that is his area — (we’ll) have a tiny moment of silence after which we break and we’ll head to practice. Because at the end of the afternoon Bob McNair needed us to win. ”

After matches McNair, who dressed impeccably in a lawsuit to see the team play, could frequently emerge from the locker room to tackle the assembled media, beaming and raving about the Texans after big wins or lamenting that they needed to perform better after losses.

This group wasn’t a company he cared about the Texans and talked frequently about his desire.

The Houston Oilers never won one before skipping town for Tennessee. It was then that McNair made it his mission to reunite the . Play was begun by the Texans in 2002.

And if close or afar McNair had been a presence in all 266 matches the Texans had played since their inaugural match on Sept. 8, 2002, when they beat the Cowboys 19-10.

“That was actually the only sorrow after I left Houston was that I wasn’t able to bring a championship house for him and Janice since they certainly deserved it just because of everything they did to bring football back to Houston,” Carr stated on Network.

The final full season McNair will see was a disappointing one, with the Texans finishing 4-12 in a year where J.J. Watt and Deshaun Watson both lasted season-ending injuries.

Early on it looked like this could be another year for the Texans after they dropped their first three games.

Their next challenge is facing a Tennessee team that’s anticipated to get quarterback Marcus Mariota back after he missed the second half of the Titans’ 38-10 loss to s after suffering a stinger.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel, who worked for the last four years as a helper in Houston, thinks that his team is better than it was in that match, but understands that the Texans have improved.

“Other than the first time probably was not playing protection that is better than us, however, you will never know,” he said.

“The great thing about this league is every week you need to prove it. Every day that you come to work, as a player in this league and as a coach in this league, you need to show your worth to the group. We must get to work and have the ability to prepare and practice against a fantastic football team. ”