Aleksander Ceferin says a European Super League 'is out of the question'

Aleksander Ceferin States a European Super League’is from the question’

UEFA and the European Club Association have categorically ruled out a European Super League, adding no discussions have taken place between nightclubs on the subject\.

Both organisations held a press conference in Brussels reiterating their commitment to working together to shape soccer in years to come.

ECA leader Andrea Agnelli along with UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin – who is also chairman of both Juventus – addressed several issues relating to soccer governance.

Both guys denied any current talks have occurred between clubs regarding a potential European Super League after breakaway plans were released by Soccer Leaks and released by German magazine Der Speigel.

“What is ruled out, and has to be ruled out, is a Super League,” Agnelli said.

“This is extremely important to me up to the ECA is worried and Juventus is concerned, because I represent Juventus.

Andrea Agnelli says there have been no talks about a European  Super League for three years

Andrea Agnelli states that there have been no discussions regarding a European Super League for three decades

“In 2018, there haven’t been any discussions about a Super League. After the leaks came out a couple of weeks ago president Ceferin and that I had a conversation about it because evidently there were some documents.

“My response was a simple’No, I really know nothing about it’. That is what helps build associations – that trust.

“What I could rule out – from a Juventus standpoint and an ECA perspective – is that no talks about a Super League are completed because 2015. That was the last time that we did, as a group of clubs, talk about the possible consequences of a Super League.”


The Sunday Supplement panel discuss just how a breakaway European Super League would operate and what affect it would have on the national leagues across Europe.

The Sunday Supplement panel talk how a breakaway European Super League would operate and what impact it could have on the national leagues around Europe.

UEFA president Ceferin included:”A Super League is out of the matter. What was interesting to me was discussed it in 2018 and that there was a document stating something will occur.

“We spoke with each of the huge nightclubs and [they suggested ] that there were not any critical discussions concerning this, 99 per cent didn’t even know anything was happening.”