The Dallas Cowboys paid a first-round draft selection to the Oakland Raiders to get Amari Cooper, however they’ve yet to discuss spending the wide receiver that has helped turn around their season.

Sources said the sides haven’t had any discussions regarding a contract extension for Cooper, who’s given Dallas yards after the catch, touchdowns, and renewed hope in the NFC East.

Contemplating the Cowboys some executives thought they would have attempted to lock him up ahead of their trade. However, the team felt that with then the franchise tag then and Cooper option, there was no need.

Currently, Dallas (6-5) seems as though the price on Cooper — that has 22 receptions for 349 yards and three TDs considering joining the team is increasing by the week.

The 24-year-old has raised his game, making Dallas realize it will be costly to retain him — a price that has been rising since he was acquired by the team. Cooper still is on his Raiders rookie contract. picked the fifth-year option that ties Cooper. Cooper and the Cowboys have yet to have any discussions regarding a new deal, despite some speculation that they have, although typically teams do copes before that fifth-year option comes into play.

The sides are expected to initiate contract discussions after this year, a source said, and Dallas wants to pay Cooper. However there haven’t been some inroads yet.


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