Linster has gathered a powerful programme for 2019. Along with his participation in the NWES, he plans to push in the Dutch LMV8 Oval Series for Hendriks Motorsport at Raceway Venray.

“I met with a former scientist at the Earnhardt family in Venray,” said Linster into “After I’d convinced them, I had been invited to the USA to discover what’s possible ”

The results from the 2018 Euro NASCAR season — Linster was fifth in the ELITE two branch — also helped to attract attention. Linster was at Richmond, where his contact intensified .

“It is also a challenge for the new team to manage their own racing team”

In the editor, read:

A start at the NASCAR Camping World Truck or Xfinity series can also be possible, but Linster wants to create a good foundation from scratch to be able to develop as a racing driver in the USA. In the NASCAR All American Series, the CAAL pilot wants to get used to racing in the US and practice as much as possible.

“First I have to really learn to push ovals,” clarified Linster. “I am very happy that I’ll be driving more races. I had been thrown out of nowhere to the professional world of NASCAR. I believe it may teach me a whole lot to spend much more time in the car.”

Together with the oval races in the USA, Linster wants to expand his horizon successively. It is not on which tracks Linster will race understood. There are plans for some begins at local races in the USA.

“That is the opportunity to find out where I stand and where I can improve,” Linster said. “The team chief has experience in the Truck Series and The Garage Shop has experience building mad stuff, Hot rods and NASCAR cars. The team also maintains good relationships with some NASCAR legends”

The Garage Shop wants to build up the team and discover a marketing strategy with potential patrons from scratch. The goal is to establish a brand.

“Together with the connections we have good conditions”, clarified Linster. “Now we can see how well I’m performing on ovals. I love to race on ovals, but to like to be able to do it are two distinct things.”