However, the Italian’s day ended 5, and while an x-ray demonstrated he had not broken any bones, he suffered swelling around the base of the left thumb.

“I’ve big annoyance, but seems like there is not anything bad, that is the most important thing,” said Dovizioso. 

“I did an x-ray but they couldn’t find anything [broken], but you never know — maybe there’s a muscle or anything, but nothing bad.

“If tomorrow [the pain] will be okay I will continue to test. We’ve got something. I hope that I have a chance to accomplish that.”

“In that moment I had the experimental back Michelin, already some cyclists did a laptime with this and it worked well, and we shifted the setup. We did a big step we wanted to know.

“I tried with a secondhand, the atmosphere was great on the front also if the laptime wasn’t so great, and I hed to push a new tyre to really put the bike on the limitation. That was significant.

“But I was too fast in the center of the corner. That didn’t work in addition to my previous one at the moment. I pushed really hard and I dropped the front.

“Small wreck, but once I arrive at the gravel I begin to roll. I hit a great deal of portions of my body”


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