Wales flanker Ellis Jenkins claims he will discover next week the entire extent of the”serious” knee injury he suffered against South Africa.

Wales coach said after the match that Jenkins seemed to have ruined his posterior cruciate ligament.

Jenkins, who had a scan on Monday, will see a professional and expects his World Cup dream isn’t over, with the championship.

“We all know what is going on in the conclusion of the season,” explained Jenkins.

“That remains my goal at the moment unless somebody tells me othere.

“I want to be back playing as quickly and playing well whenever possible.

“I’ve had a scan and have to go and see a specialist next week and we are going to go from there.

“I’ve been attempting to maintain my knee moving and get the swelling down.

“When I need surgery I need to keep the swelling to a minimum othere it simply delays the procedure.”

The captain made a performance before getting injured in the last play of the match.

“It would be nice if the match had ended 30 seconds before!” said Jenkins.

“My foot has only got stuck and there are two big boys that have tried to wash me out.

“It is only one of those things. It’s stuff I get rewarded for in matches and part of the game.

“It was a great match for us and a good win. It’s tough to look back on it today when it finishes like this, but I guess I will look back on it and say it was a really good autumn campaign.”

Jenkins confessed that he was emotional in the changing room and was consoled by members of both sides in the final whistle.

“There’s nothing you can say,” stated Jenkins.

“Whenever anyone came up to me and gave me a kiss or tried to say something nice, I nearly started crying.

“It’s just terrible luck. It’s nice everyone says congratulations and stuff but it’s hard to consider when you get a significant injury at the conclusion of the game.

IE]>Wales players flock to see an injured Ellis Jenkins after the victory over South Africa

“My phone has been blowing up since, my family are just worried.

“It’s wonderful to receive all of the messages but it’s a little bittersweet. When you feel like you’re playing well you want to keep it going, it’s a shame”

Following Dan Lydiate was forced out with a knee injury, jenkins was just called a replacement 48 hours prior to the match and has been promoted to the side.

The flanker switched to number eight early.

“You want to play every game anyway. I was expecting to have been beginning but they rewarded the group that went well against ,” stated Jenkins.

“I simply saw it as yet another chance to attempt to earn a stake for the jersey.

Jenkins talked in a charity fundraising event he attended crutches just 3 days after his accident.

“I’ve just come on board as an ambassador for City Hospice,” stated Jenkins.

“I’ve been a part of organising stuff when people say they’re likely to turn up and they do not.

“They have taken a lot of time to organise this and when I could turn up for an hour and make just a small bit of difference, it’s the least I could do.”


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