On the opener match of group D Brest, Germany stunned defending champions Norway following a 32-33 victory and took the first two points of this group round. Emily Bölk scored the decisive goal with 20″ left and gave her staff a much celebrated victory.

In a sold outside Brest Arena, Germany mad the current title holders, who shot his first defeat in EHF Euro competitions in nearly 4 years.  The match was tight from the beginning, where none of those teams could take the lead clearly. Norway would choose the first two goal lead of the match through Løke at the 9th minute (5-3) following an extremely intense start from either side. Germany remained patient and from the 16th moment turned the effect around (7-8).

Thorir Hergeirsson had predicted the initial timeout after 13 minutes and substituted Stine Oftedal and Veronica Kristiansen for Marta Tomac and Emilie Hegh Arntzen respectively. The change paid off since the Vipers Kristiansand left back scored 4 goals in a row to tie the match (8-8) and finally take Norway to some 11-8 lead. But a 4 minute goalless gap for the assisted Germany reunite on track and tie at 11. The first half saw Norway top 16-15 following a left-handed shot with Løke.

On the next period Germany fought hard to take the lead after being -2 for the first 6 minutes (22-20). Behnke tied the score at 23 after 9 minutes after which the trained by Henk Groener had the cause of nearly 14 minutes, if Veronica Kristiansen, who had experienced a discrete match and was currently in the right back position place the equalizer with a great break-through (29-29). Norway would re-gain the lead through Stine Oftedal (31-30) but it wouldn’t last long since Emily Bölk first and then Ina Grossman will assist the Germans take an advantage with just 2 minutes left to be performed.

Debutant Henny Ella Reistad equalized (32-32) with her second goal of the match and Groener was quick to call for a timeout with 1:16 left. With passive drama being called by Bonaventura sisters, Bölk shot from long range and place the 32-33 in favour of the Germans. Hergeirsson utilized his final timeout to prepare the last play at the 20 seconds he’d left. With seven players on court, the last ball was awarded to Malin Aune, whose shot was discontinued by Isabell Roch to unleash the temptations of the German squad.  Stine Oftedal was leading scorer of the match with 7 goals and was also chosen as MVP.

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