Jenny Alm was a fortunate girl in the Swedish group tonight in victory over 22:21 (11:13). Experienced left back netted from 10 meters to get a victory of her group five minutes before the final buzzer. 

The n women, who led 13:9 in the previous period of their first half, had time to get a shot in the very long distance, but the women of this match, Filipa Idehn, counted her 19th rescue for a big celebration of her group.

with four points and with two are already at Main Round, while the third group will be determined in direct coict of Sweden and Poland on Tuesday.

Sweden: Jenny Alm 5, Isabella Gullden 4, 3, Daniela Gustin 3, Anna Lagerquist 2, Carin Stromberg 1, 1, Jamina Robert 1, 1, Nathalie Hagman 1.

: Katarina Krpez 7, Sanja Radosavljevic 4, Sladana Pop 3, 3, two, 1, 1.

Sweden two
Poland 0


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