Romania has secured a place in the home round after the 24-29 victory against Germany.

The game started off better for its conducted by Ambros Martin. Good performances from Melinda Geiger and Denisa Dedu let the Romanians that a 1-5 edge after the first 5 minutes.

The Romanian star reached the impressive number of 206 goals to dethrone Hungarian Ágnes Farkas, who’d been at the top of the greatest scorer list with 205 since 2002.

A very intense defense along with an impressive performance by Dedu were some of the reasons why Romania managed to make a larger gap during the second half. Matters in assault were working fine, but it was the defensive stage that allowed them to play loose in assault and be calm to expand the gap to 9 objects (16-25 at 18’-RRB- at one point. A 4 target jog for Henk Groener’s squad assisted them grab a little (23-27), but it was already too late as there were just two minutes left to be performed with. The best player of the game was Denisa Dedu, who finished with 13 saves from 37 shots (37%). The top scorer of the game was Eliza Buceschi with 11 goals; around the German side, Julia Behnke was the top scorer with 8.

Romania is currently leader of team D in Brest and have secured a place in the main round, but they still have one game left on this stage. Norway is the upcoming rival, Neagu knows well it’ll be challenging, but doesn’t consider it yet and enjoys the second for today: “It’s going to be hard against Norway, as normal but I only wish to relish time feeling that we are having tonight because we did a fantastic game against Germany and we won, so ’s all that matters for me at the moment. Excited about the competition we did a fantastic thing now we’re expecting to take additional steps ahead, starting with Norway and going further in the competition”.

Germany’s coach Henk Groener did not hide his frustration, however, he was optimistic about their chances to progress to the main round: “Nowadays we didn’t find the solutions in the offense, so it seems. We missed three 7mts cries in the first half and also some other free shots, and I believe when we found the remedy we didn’t score, and we operate behind all the game, but we never gave up. I still have to compliment my gamers because, nobody actually expected us to get two points after two matches, but we had an excellent game on Saturday, today we didn’t have the peace in head to do the ideal things in offense and we had been initially too reluctant in defense.


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