lightweight winner and former dual-division titleholder goes before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Dec. 10 to answer for their respective roles in the 229 post-fight melee that broke out on Oct. 6 at vegas.

The incident occurred when Nurmagomedov pumped with McGregor cornerman yelling at him once he filed McGregor. Nurmagomedov lost his airy and cool over the cage and onto the stadium floor to face Danis. He ’ll need to go before the NSAC, that has filed an official complaint against him and withheld $1 million of the $2 million fight bag.

The commission has truly tipped its hand as to how severe Nuramgomedov’s punishment could be, but it is going to likely include a fine and some sort of suspension. 

Following Friday night’s TUF 28 Finale in Las Vegas, president addressed Nurmagomedov, laying out what he believed would be the worst case scenario because of his fighter.