When Thea Mørk stepped on court it was her first time at an international tournament with all the senior squad. Her debut on the competition was postponed until yesterday because she was carrying any pain in her thigh that prevented her from being on the seat on the match against

According to trainer Thorir Hergeirsson, she wasn’t included “for warning, we didn’t want to spend the chance today, and we’ll get answers tomorrow”. Tests on Sunday turned out OK and she was ready to finally make her debut, but unfortunatelyit only lasted a few minutes. The København Håndbold left wing left the courtroom and sat on the seat, hands inside her head along with teary eyes, comforted by physiotherapist Janne Oppheim Søllesvi who sat beside her.

On the corner after the match, press gathered to talk to the 27-year-old, whose eyes were still wet. She affirmed a pain inside her thigh and it was still uncertain whether she would continue or not.

The 32-year-old, who wasn’t included in the Song leading up to the tournament, gave birth to her son just four months ago.  “Thea is finished and goes home that afternoon. It was a simple choice to make, it’s sad”, stated Hergeirsson, in accordance with NTB.

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