The 21-round schedule will begin in on March 17, and finish with the on December 1.

The third round of the season, the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, on April 14, will be the 1000th world championship F1 race to have taken place.

F1 has steered clear of the triple-header that took place this year, following complaints from teams about how tiring the run of back-to-back events in France, Austria and Britain was.

2019 F1 calendar:

DateGrand PrixVenue
17th MarchMelbourne
31st MarchBahrainSakhir
14th AprilChinaShanghai
28th AprilAzerbaijan
12th MaySpain
26th May
9th JuneMontreal
23rd JuneFrance
30th JuneAustria
14th JulyGreat Britain
28th JulyGermanyHockenheim
4th AugustHungaryHungaroring
1st SeptemberBelgiumSpa
8th SeptemberItalyMonza
22nd SeptemberSingaporeSingapore
29th SeptemberRussia
13th OctoberJapanSuzuka
27th OctoberMexicoMexico City
3rd NovemberUSAAustin
17th NovemberBrazilInterlagos
1st DecemberYas Marina