and are 4-0 when wearing long sleeves this season. 

FRISCO, — There are many reasons the are on a four-game winning streak and in first place in the NFC East, but don’t overlook fashion sense.

No, seriously.

Before the Cowboys played at Lincoln Financial Field on Nov. 11, quarterback and running back decided to wear long sleeves under their game jerseys.

“We needed to find some mojo,” Prescott said.

The Cowboys were on a two-game losing streak after their loss to the on Monday Night Football, and the temperatures were expected to be a little chilly.

“Me and Dak were like, ‘We got to get something going, we need some new juju,” Elliott said.

While the trade for , the change at offensive line coach, improved efficiency from the offense and a dominating defense might be more of the reason, the Cowboys are 4-0 when Prescott and Elliott wear long sleeves.

“We thought it was going to be cold,” Prescott said of the first meeting when the temperature at kickoff was 38 degrees. “It was cold but not as cold as we thought, and we decided to wear sleeves. At that point, I guess we’re not allowed to take them off.”

The stadium configuration for Sunday’s rematch against the Eagles is not yet set, but it won’t matter. Prescott and Elliott will be in long sleeves.

“Hopefully,” Elliott said, “you’ll see long sleeves for the rest of the season.”