Stefan Kiessling would be in some trouble if he was playing.

Retired Bayer Leverkusen attacker Stefan Kiessling has admitted to cheating his coaches claiming his wife completed several of his summer training sessions for him.

In an interview with Bild, the former Germany international disclosed he was not thinking about doing the holiday training programs developed to get him in to shape for pre season.

“Not once, I completed 100% of those runs before pre season,” Kiessling said. “I guess I can disclose it now: You get a heart rate watch which saves all the runs. However as my wife athletic she did a couple of runs with this heart rate watch on the crosstrainer.

“They were good that no one detected. But if it is time to return to the pitch, I was always leading the package.”

34, kiessling, ended his career in May 2018. At senior level, the attacker just played for Leverkusen, Nurnberg and just 2 teams, but despite acute hip issues, 403 top flight appearances were left by him and scored 144 goals.

“I am proud to reach the 400. Though it was quite a struggle,” Kiessling added. “However, these days, I can’t take around my old girl. She can be lifted by me, but maybe more. The pain falls in. It goes in to the legs, in to the trunk.

“I am currently looking at whether it makes sense to find a artificial cool. I actually don’t think I have another selection “