CALGARY, Alberta — Humboldt Broncos survivor Ryan Straschnitzki had been a passenger on a bus which was rearended by way of a truck on his way home from physiotherapy.

Tom Straschnitzki, Ryan’s dad, told that the Canadian Press that his son suffered no injuries from the accident this past week.

“All good,” he told The Canadian Press. “That was a tougher call than April 6.”

Once the Humboldt baseball team’s bus had been hit by a semi trailer at an intersection north of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, ryan Straschnitzki was one of 13 survivors April 6. Sixteen people perished, also Straschnitzki was paralyzed from the chest .

Ryan’s mother, Michelle Straschnitzki, said he returned to his home in Airdrie as soon as the incident happened. She said the impact was jarring it threw him to a floor from his wheelchair.

The incident happened in an entering Airdrie, just north of Calgary.

“His transport bus was involved in a collision,” Michelle Straschnitzki wrote on Facebook. “In and of itself, would’ve been traumatic to anyone. To Ryan, also, fundamentally Tom and I (on the opposite hand of the SOS call), it had been catastrophic .”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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