Following a time out called by in 2-4 seconds, the team detected that their contour again and assembled a new advantage they would carry until the conclusion of the first 30minutes. Gulldén, who successfully completed her 200th match with all the national team, scored 4 goals over the first half and helped her team, not just with goals, but also with a number of her signature aids, the final being ‘no look pass’ into , that put the final 14-11 of the first half. Sweden displayed a much game that was better than the opening game of the primary round against Montenegro, also led with authortity.

jumped for the 2nd half court and she was an equally essential factor for the growth of the game. Beatrice Edwige’s goal for 18-16 in 39 moments, are the last for the following 10 moments as the game stayed with this particular score until the 50th minute, if would stretch the goal difference to 3 (19-16). Those goal-less 10 moments were also a display of Glauser and hard guards, but chiefly, of goalkeeping skills. Saved three successive breaks to keep her team.

The upcoming moments would see France, supported by an amazing crowd in the , reach the attraction in 55’, thanks to an objective from Alexandra Lacrabere. The crowd stood for the remainder of the game and played their role cheering after every French save and yelling at every goal. With 4 minutes left, Blohm scored for 21-20 after another ‘no look pass’ from Gulldén and on the strike, Orlane Kanor scored her goal to tie the game for the previous time. On the previous two moments, matters went as follows: lost ball shot from Kanor, technical filthy by Sweden saved by before the final buzzer out of range. A bittersweet attraction for France and also a one for Sweden, that have been leading almost the full game and had hopes for the semifinal berth.

Filippa Idehn was chosen best player of this game, she ended with a 34% save speed (14/34). The top scorer of this game was Gulldén with 6 goals Alexandra Lacrabere was top scorer with 5.


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