Thiago Santos’ proceed up to 205 pounds has been pay out dividends.

The American Top Team product by way of was powerful as a middle weight, however, had to cut amounts of weight to get there.

He doesn’t want to achieve that in heavy weight, and it shows with knockout power in fights.

Veteran Jimi Manuwa became Santos’ newest sufferer on Saturday night, as Santos completed him at the 42-second markers of the 2nd round in a crazy brawl in Scotiabank Arena at Toronto.

“That was the plan,” Santos (20-6) said through an interpreter. “I arrived on the scene to reveal I really could hit hard and it came to pass. ”

Santos announced his intention because Manuwa dropped twice. But the durable Manuwa, because of his part, managed to clear the cobwebs at the clinch, and the struggle was on. Both guys landed ferocious shots over this first five minutes’ course. Although Santos got the higher end of things, Manuwa failed more than simply enough the keep the results in suspense.

This is. Manuwa attempted a trip at the clinch, didn’t get it, and Santos went to the conclusion on the break, landing bigshots until Manuwa dropped and ended the fight.

Santos has won three. A few of his five livelihood losses are by KO.