TEMPE, Ariz. — The Arizona Cardinals are back in the hunt for the 20-19 No. 1 choice.

Along with their time couldn’t have been better.

According to the ESPN NFL Football Power Index, Arizona features a 52 percent chance of landing the first choice while bay area and Oakland features a 3-5 percent chance and an 8 percent chance, respectively.

As of now, the Cardinals possess the second choice behind the 49ers.

All three teams are 3-10.

Each of three games may have play off or draft implications.

A Cardinals win would provide them the same record, meaning that their strength of program could determine who had the greater choice if they ended the season tied with the Falcons sitting at 4-9. Based on the way a Raiders and 49ers finish, a tie with the Falcons means that the Cardinals will drop out of their three.

A week after, the Rams should come to Arizona likely fighting the New Orleans Saints for the top overall seed from the NFC and the home-field play off advantage which accompany this differentiation.

It’s safe to say the Cardinals don’t possess it easy other way. They, actually, have a 40.5 percent chance of losing out, as stated by the ESPN Football Power Index projections, that could then lead them into the No. 1 overall selection.

Following taking heed Josh Rosen in the very first round of this 2018 draft, having the first choice could give the Cardinals a bevy of options.

Even though the 20-19 draft does not boast the identical caliber of quarterbacks a quarterback-needy team might be eager to move up to anywhere in the five to receive their guy. Should the Cardinals receive the No. 1 choice, they’ll probably be able to exchange it to get a parcel of choices sprinkled across the 20-19 draft and beyond to reinforce an already young roster. They could keep the No. 1 choice and then choose defensive end Nick Bosa out of Ohio State. A telling hint to how a Cardinals are believing should they receive the top pick will probably be if or not they extend Markus Golden, who’s in the final season of his rookie contract.

Even if the Cardinals don’t end up with the No. 1 choice however land in the upper three, you’ll find enough options in this season’s class to fulfill some holes that are much-needed, which are shrouded lately.

They need help in an offensive line that has been riddled with injuries. All of the team’s newcomers from the start of the summer season have been placed on reserve or have already now been let it go. Left guard Mike Iupati is in the final season of his deal and abandoned handle D.J. Humphries will soon be moving in the final season of his. A prospective replacement Iupati or depth at address with somebody who could be a starter might be a choice.

Arizona has had a corner back opposite Patrick Peterson to get a few years, a position which was a revolving door this season. But spending the very first choice is not possible.

Even the Cardinals have gaping holes at receiver, which they could fill outside the upper five or in later rounds. Even the Cardinals have no a tall hazard who are able to work the sidelines, as well as out of Larry Fitzgerald, that could retire later this season, and Christian Kirk, who’s on injured reserve with a broken left foot, Arizona’s options at wide receiver are still somewhat restricted to

All of which makes the race for the top pick all the more intriguing as the season reaches its final three weeks. Possessing the pick might be a curse or a blessing. Even the Cardinals may possibly find more bang.

That much is known: The race to get the No. 1 choice is back and the Cardinals are in the thick of it.


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