CHICAGO — Following Chicago Bulls players discussed the notion of boycotting Sunday day’s practice, Zach LaVine spoke with head trainer Jim Boylen one-on-one and tried to clear the air to forge a path forward.

LaVine said he wouldn’t characterize the interaction as an apology, but rather he had to”elaborate on thoughts”

“There must not be some clouds. I think about myself as one of those leaders on the team. I just needed to voice my opinion to them.”

He continued:”This really is a company, this isn’t a dictatorship. We’re grown men, therefore everybody has a voice”

Hold a meeting followed by a meeting with trainers and the team ultimately decided to show up in the Advocate Center. General director Gar Foreman and president John Paxson attended the second meeting. After those meetings, LaVine spoke to Boylen separately.

In the next meeting on Sunday,” the notion of forming a leadership committee had been first discussed sources told ESPN. The notion is that as time goes on, those appointed to the committee will have the ability to function as a liaison between coaches and your players.

It’s been made clear that Boylen has been permitted and supported by Bulls direction to use a firm hand in changing the Bulls’ culture. The manner Boylen handled Sunday’s meetings has reinforced the belief of management within the trainer, sources said. They truly have been wholly on board with the tough-love leadership style of Boylen.

In that meeting Boylen clarified to this team that he hadn’t planned on holding a grisly clinic Sunday but instead had intended a light work out. He asserted that the team would need to master how to trust him.

Boylen told reporters he initially he had planned on having a practice that was rougher but after thinking it over, changed his mind. He explained his change in plans had nothing to do with having end of players’ plans to not show up.

“I have the prerogative to alter my mind,” Boylen said on Monday night until the Bulls’ 108-89 decrease to the Kings.


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