FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — In the end of the year, Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said he can envision a scenario in which the team would resign running back Tevin Coleman, even after inking newcomer Devonta Freeman into some contract.

That scenario remains a possibility, based on coach Dan Quinn.

It’s reasonable to wonder how the running back situation can bond in 2019, Because the 49 Falcons dig deeper in to the practice of evaluating the roster approaching the off season. Asked if he thought there is a possibility of Coleman and Freeman being the backfield duo despite Coleman being at the previous year of his rookie deal of the team, Quinn did not rule out it.

“Yep. For sure,” Quinn said. “Everything’s on the table. After we that we’re in, which we’re not pleased in, and you appraise anything and everything. So, yeah, we’re certainly going to think about each and every option in every manner.”

Whether it all plays out that manner remains a question mark, even maybe doubtful. Freeman, a two-time Guru Bowler, signed up a five-year, $41.25 million extension ($22 million guaranteed) through 20-22. However he knows nothing is sure about his future with the team despite the deal when folks start throwing around trade scenarios.

Freeman remains on injured reserve following groin operation and played just two games this season. He’s eligible to come back for the Dec. 23 game in Carolina, although there isn’t any guarantee he’ll be triggered despite the optimism Quinn voiced last Friday.

But keep making advancements .”

Freeman has had a wide range of injuries, for example knee problems and concussions, which had left some league executives wondering about his strength. But the Falcons, ranked last in the league in 81.2 rushing yards a game, of course would have fared much better using Freeman’s elusiveness and aggressiveness at the lineup. Not to mention when asked to line up against linebackers avenues run such as a recipient. He’s 37 touchdowns in 63 career games.

“Still another player had said,’In the conclusion of runs, he lets Celtics know,’ and I thought that’s a crystal very clear example where he’s able to drop his shoulder onto some man to finish a streak within his pads along with downhill,” Quinn said of Freeman. “I think I love the fact that at the conclusion of runs, ” he will get downhill and finish. 8 metres are gone for by the jog. I’d say it’s his change of direction. The foot goes into the ground when somebody is prepared to put him up believing they have the hit and he explodes. … He brings a lot of energy into the team”

Quinn stated that if he’s got any concerns about Freeman health without directly addressing.

At least one opponent believes the absence of Freeman has had a significant effect on the Falcons.

“I presume he’s an X factor for them,” explained Sheldon Rankins, a star defensive tackle for the rival saints . “I think his ability to conduct onto the edges and he does indoors between the tackles, along with his ability from the passing game, kind of carries the offense to a whole new dimension. Without him, that they had to sort of move to a role, and you also kind of saw they kind of threw the ball far more.

“And I think when that team is very rollingup, you’ve noticed previously, is if they could nourish their running backs and they are able to gash teams with all the conduct game, the play-action pass, and get Julio [Jones] profound and the ones guys. So I presume [Freeman]’s an X factor for them, and they missed him this year. I know they’ll be glad if they will get him back”

There are mixed reviews across the globe about Coleman. 1 AF-C head coach said back in February,”He’s a great complement to the rookie, and he can fulfill the use of a starting running back due to his amazing speed and athleticism. Can’t discount his power to score the soccer”

An NFC executive said he was surprised Coleman hadn’t shown much longer passion and obtained full advantage of starting at position of Freeman, which might imply he is not prepared to assume a job. Coleman has hurried for 559 yards while starting 11 games and two touchdowns on 138 carries. Because of his career, Coleman has 27 touchdowns in 53 games.

Coleman said throughout the season that he wants to remain with the Falcons. His representative, Adisa Bakari, may be the identical representative who represents Pittsburgh Steelers running back holdout Le’Veon Bell. It could be hard to assume Coleman accepting a bargain deal if the chance exists to allow him personally to secure cash in free agency.

Smith isn’t some man anyone hates being the Falcons’ workhorse back.

The Falcons have drafted a running back in four of the previous five drafts — Freeman at 2014 (fourth round), Coleman at 2015 (third), respectively Brian Hill at 2017 (fifth) and Smith at 2018 (fourth). The last free-agent running back the Falcons signed who left a significant impact was Michael Turner, who signed a six-year, $34.5 million deal ($ 1-5 million warranty ) at 2008. Turner had three 1,000-yard seasons and hurried for double-digit touchdowns in each of his five seasons.

Quinn reiterated how important the game that was running is to victory moving ahead, regardless of which players ‘ are currently carrying the strain.

“It’s become a part of our identity — and a big portion of this,” Quinn said. “I believe it adds to the overall circle of the strength of one’s own team. But in addition, it obviously sets the line of scrimmage like we’d like for the game and the play-action to balance away from one another. Our identity is tied to that.”

The other element, obviously, may be that the drama of the offensive line. As a result of poor obstructing, the holes have not been there this season, in large part, in all fairness to Smith and Coleman. And if the Falcons plan to own success running the ball outside this season, they’ll need to make sure they have linemen capable of getting the task done. They’ll probably should address both guard spots, and the benching of Ryan Schraeder leaves doubts about the right tackle situation.

“There is always things we may do in order to improve,” said centre Alex Mack. “Should we simply block everybody, you might return there. Unfortunately, [defenses] are all good. That is when you want a running back who is making people miss. Some of the runs are 100 per cent on individuals guys making people miss and doing things.

“The more we can do in order to block humans, the more space we are able to open , the further we could conduct the ball”


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