Lorenzo signed a deal for 2017 and 2018, but he had a challenging start in addition to a challenging first season to 2018, which diminished his probability to remain with the Italian marque.

Until it signed up Joan Mir instead he was connected with a move to Suzuki, also Lorenzo option for a 20-19 ride appeared to be the SIC Yamaha satellite team until he secured a jolt Honda move.

Before that, however, Lorenzo said he was close to finish his racing career, and that worries of retirement caused him”depressed”.

“It was [a mad time]. “When I was visiting the chance to retirein my head I was becoming depressed.

“Ordinarily once I imagine my retirement, in some way I was feeling very happy and relieved because I will not feel anymore the pressure and I will not get injured anymore.

“But really I did not expect when I simply started feeling the possibility of retirement I would be receiving depressed.

“Plus it was like this, was very close for the retirement.

It was a good option however, perhaps not the main one I desired .”

At the moment, Lorenzo believed he was strong enough to win races, but failing to find strong results caused it to be a mentally tough period, leaving him with the impression that even Ducati”did not believe anymore” in him.

“It was unbelievable,” lasted the three-time MotoGP champion. “They state in motorcycle racing and the game generally, the value is the very last race, along with my last races [heading up to Honda bargain ] were terrible.

“Was very tough for me emotionally, because I was exercising and working more than ever, however, the outcomes weren’t coming. And I knew what happened, and I knew we were simply very very near having the victory and the outcomes.

“But people did not believe because I stay in Ducati to get a year and a half and that I did not receive any victories.

“I simply saw we were becoming very near the success, because we were leading the race from the beginning of the races I really don’t understand, five rebounds, seven laps10 rebounds, but finally we were missing some thing and I knew what we were missing.


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