SEATTLE — Two games into the season, the Seattle Seahawks have been winless, and for up to these were searching a victory, these were also in search of an identity.

On a team filled with childhood, it required veterans such as linebacker Bobby Wagner and offensive tackle Duane Brown to frighten their young teammates who figuring out that you’re takes more than two weeks.

Inspired by the Seahawks’ 21-7 triumph on the Minnesota Vikings on Monday nightit required some thing closer to 14 weeks. It had been hard to deny what’s old looks new again once Seattle finally discovered who it is.

“Great, hard-nosed defense, running the ball within an crime, a very physical set, that’s what we tried to create on the season, and we’ve been able to reach this,” Brown explained. “Tonight has been a prime example of this. It had been just a grind it out, but not so gaudy game”

Sound familiar? It should.

These Seahawks aren’t the set that lorded on the NFC some thing Wagner has had upon himself to hammer home. They are, nevertheless, following a blueprint that has been a triedandtrue formula for postseason success.

This win points even more infrequent and was ugly, with yards. That is exactly what should concern Seattle’s potential playoff opponents.

Mathematically, the Seahawks have not yet clinched a playoff berth. But barring some thing devastating, the Seahawks will be playing at the games that come January.

In the era of golden-armed quarterbacks this and also crime, there is still a room for a power running game and defense. The Chicago Bears showed it Sunday night against the La Rams, and also the Seahawks doubled down Monday against the Vikings.

However, on tripping down the Vikings, if Monday night, the group that turned up could build, it will be just the type of outfit that is salty that could wreak havoc.

In the centre of this success? A defensive wrinkle the Seahawks telephone”Bandit,” which set seven defensive backs as a method to change up things and cover Minnesota’s multiple receiving dangers. Whatever the package, it functioned against Minnesota.

It required the Vikings seven possessions to attain Seattle land, they didn’t get until the fourth quarter’s early stages, and they didn’t score until the game was out of reach to go.

Seahawks cornerback Justin Coleman place the cherry on top of a dominant defensive operation having a fumble recovery for a touchdown with less than three minutes to go.

It had been the second week in a row that the Seahawks scored a touchdown. As stated by ESPN Stats & Information, it had been Week 1 of 2015 and the very first time as Week 17 of 2014 that the feat was accomplished by the Seahawks. The very final time they did this inside a normal season? During their superbowl championship event in 2013.



Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner calls for the match up vs. the Vikings that a”defensive battle” and has been frustrated that Minnesota felt late.

This isn’t to say this is the 2nd coming of the Legion of Boom or Richard Sherman or Kam Chancellor come back, some thing Wagner reminds his teammates of regularly. It does not mean that this bunch can not build off what it did Monday night.

“I presume you try to let them know you do not have to function as the dudes that was listed,” Wagner said. “You can produce the position special yourself. You do not have to be like Sherm. You do not have to be like Kam. Those are players that are amazing, and therefore that you do not have to be this, and they truly are, for example, once in a life players.

“You just go around and do your own job and do what God called you to complete and be whomever you’re You don’t got to be anyone else, and I believe that’s what it’s: Men just venturing on the market, having a great time and being themselves.”

The perfect match for a defense? A power running game.

For a team that entered Monday leading the team together with 148.8 rushing yards each game and calling a built run play at a 48 percent speed — unmatched in the NFL as 2014 — that the Seahawks hammered home the routine that has them on the brink of another postseason appearance.

At the time that this ground-and-pound affair was finished, the Seahawks’d run on the ball a whopping 40 days for 216 yards (not counting kneel-downs) and an average of 5.4 yards per effort. Chris Carson directed the way with 90 yards on 22 carries, but he got plenty of reinforcement from fellow back Rashaad Penny (eight carries for 44 yards) and quarterback Russell Wilson (five for 63).

Atone point (above), Penny covered 83.06 metres of ground for a 17-yard profit — the second time this year he’s covered 80-plus metres onto a run (one other went for 30 yards against Green Bay).

The Seahawks allow Vikings know immediately that they planned to conduct the ball and they planned to take action frequently. There clearly is misdirection in those conducts however, maybe not much in disguising them.

“We conducted it 40-something occasions,” coach Pete Carroll said. “I don’t understand it had been anything apart from just commitment. Our guys are very good at sticking with it”

From the Vikings the Seahawks ran on 25 of the first 42 plays, the Seahawks lined at a formation together with six offensive linemen. As stated by NFL Next Gen Stats, the Seahawks predicted 17 runs out of this look, obtaining 105 yards on those attempts. That package collaborated with an overall boost in productivity — they’ve used it on 4 6 percent of these plays that were rushing since — and became a staple for the Seahawks starting in Season 5.

For all that to matter, Obviously, the Seahawks will need the Wilson who showed up to give solution. Sure, the Wilson was top target Doug Baldwin, however with the running game using so much success, there were also chances for him to make plays down the area, the majority of which he was not able to convert.

A glance at the playoff picture shows New Orleans’ Drew Brees whilst the only quarterback as demonstrated as Wilson on any NFC postseason contender. However, while the Seahawks’ defense and running game also have turned back the clockSeattle will desire the Wilson who has headed the charge the majority of the growing season — maybe not the one who went 10-of-20 for 72 yards and also an ugly interception.

The good news is Wilson’s track record would suggest that it was but a blip on the radar, and also the Seahawks managed to win.

“We discover ways to win,” Brown explained. “That is the sign of a excellent football team. We are dangerous right now.”

In case night was a precursor to the postseason a Seahawks could be the group nobody at the NFC would like to play come January.


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