Any given Sunday… every quarterback has a chance to sit beneath the Complete QBR leader-board . We like to position them weekly by the stat that measures their contribution, while QBs are judged by wins and losses or touchdowns and interceptions.

An explainer of QBR may be seen here, but the key idea is to capture more elements of a quarterback’s play compared to traditional techniques do. QBR includes the worthiness (or lack there of ) of quarterback rushing, sacks, fumbles, important penalties and — crucially — the down and space of every play. QBR works on a scale that is zero-to-100, with 75 about Guru Bowl-caliber and 50 being roughly ordinary.

Each in this space, we will highlight the very best and worst QBR performances out of the NFL weekend and break down what made every cop perform at either extreme.

Which quarterbacks would be the very best and worst in Week 14?

Top three

Total QBR: 94.0

Big Ben’s wedding day was enough for the Steelers, as their potential tying field goal was blocked from the final moments.

Roethlisberger’s absence of the second half could have been the difference. With Joshua Dobbs neglecting to place any points on the board, the Raiders finally took the lead with 5 minutes, 20 minutes left in the fourth quarter, and also the Steelers brought Roethlisberger back in the match. From as soon as he came back on the field during the successful hook-and-ladder play to prepare the potential tying field goal, Big Ben completed all of his pass attempts for 188 yards and also a 1-yard touch down pass to JuJu Smith-Schuster.

In addition, he played well in the second quarter, connecting on 12 of 14 attempts for 102 yards and a touchdown. If we consider only the second and fourth quarters, then Roethlisberger’s Raw QBR is a 98.1. — Gargiulo

Total QBR: 86.5

In the middle of that which finally turned out to become a loss, Brady flexed.

Cordarrelle Patterson conducted a vertical path against man coverage having a single-high safety, and Brady fired a missile into his recipient that was absolutely perfect, to the inside the corner back and hard enough that the safety couldn’t get over. It was not a throw of a person on the downside of his livelihood. Even the 37-yard touch down was not Brady play of this day in an expected-points stand point.

As a result of his strong game complete, Brady vaulted to fifth in Total QBR this particular season. — Walder

Total QBR: 80.9

A quarterback does not want to throw a touchdown to have a match that is good.

In fact, out one third-and-11 conversion Mariota he didn’t even really have any significant impact plays. But what he’d was limit his own mistakes, out one interception. In general, he had a positive EPA value on 21 of his 30 actions plays.

It really helped that Derrick Henry was at the middle of the match of his own entire life. Now, the Titans needed Mariota avoid a meltdown and to manage the match, and he delivered. — Walder

Only overlooked: Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (76.3); Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (75.2)

Sanchez’s “conceptual awareness” of the Redskins’ offense failed to pay off.

The veteran’s return to the line up was short and sour, and that one finds himself. Sanchez took part in 21 actions plays and earned a positive expected-points charge on just five .

The outcome? The worst QBR match of the second-worst, and also his livelihood for anybody in 2013. He beat out Nathan Peterman at Week 1, which is not the sort of company any quarterback wants to keep.

However on the other hand to the Redskins: Josh Johnson, the most famed No. 1 overall pick in the Alliance of American Football draft, looked solid in mop up responsibility, putting with a 69.9 Total QBR. Keep in mind, however: Garbage time is devalued, but it counted likewise since Johnson’s whole stint was crap time. — Walder

It might have seemed just like a turn-back-the-clock nighttime in Chicago, since his worst QBR was published by Goff since Sean McVay occurred over in 20 17 because the Rams’ head coach. Actually, Goff’s previous low under McVay was a 27.3 at Week 6 this season at Denver.

The 4 interceptions tell just a part of his story of woe, as Goff was also sacked three times, including one for a safety and something strip-sack from Khalil Mack.

He was throwing incomplete passes when he wasn’t throwing interceptions. Goff completed his smallest rate under McVay just 46 percent of his moves, and also the second-lowest of his livelihood. He converted just 1 of his own 10 efforts the proportion of his livelihood, to some first down. — Gargiulo

Total QBR: 24.8

Like his counter part Sunday Trubisky looked more like the variant that was rookie-season than the sophomore-campaign version that was upgraded. Trubisky had his worst outing of the season and also his worst since a 20.1 Total QBR at Week 1-5 of 20 17.

Trubisky threw three interceptions as well as lost the coaching team’s confidence as the match went on, as he didn’t attempt a single pass.

Even the Bears did a remarkably good job of keeping pressure since he was on 21 percent of his perform under great pressure, in comparison with 36 percent pressure rate the Rams had weekly entering. Trubisky fought. On plays he threw all three of his own picks, and completed 14 of 29 attempts for just 114 yards. — Gargiulo

Only overlooked: Josh Rosen, Arizona Cardinals (25.6); Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings (30.6)


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