It has been downhill since then.

For the Bears, however, that match could have been just what they wanted to fuel their recovery season.

The two teams meet again Sunday at Soldier Field. The Packers’ come back from a 20-0 deficit to stun the Bears 24-23 is a remote memory. The Packers have won only four times since then and also have playoff hopes.

Here’s a look at what has changed along with what’s for both clubs, from ESPN Packers reporter Rob Demovsky and ESPN Bears reporter Jeff Dickerson.

What is the most important change for every single team as Week 1 )?

Say what you may about McCarthy, but he went 19-7 from the Bears in his 13 years, including a win at Soldier Field from the 2010 NFC Championship Game. That also comprised eight wins in the collection in the past ten meetings. However, rsquo & McCarthy;therefore part of the Packers’ history has been over. Does that carry over, although the Packers looked like an team Sunday at Joe Philbin & rsquo game as interim head coach? 1 thing could, also rsquo that &;s Philbin’s approach into the offense.

Chicago had Green Bay to the ropes from the growing season opener, but second half breakdowns on both sides of the ball allowed the Packers to be brought by Aaron Rodgers straight back . The Bears still make plenty of mistakes on offense, however, their defense — led by Khalil Mack — is so spectacular. As that they did in Week 1 ), the Bears likely won’t again squander a big lead. Chicago&rsquo defense is simply too good to let that happen.

At exactly what point in the summer was it crystal clear that the Packers were in some big trouble?

Demovsky: After the Week 4 win over the Bills. That’s a 22-0 shutout indicated that things weren’t right from Green Bay. That’s when his post game press conference was used by Rodgers to rip McCarthy’s match plan. From then on, questions concerning whether McCarthy and Rodgers were on good terms ruled that the picture round the team, also in hind sight, that has been the beginning of the end for McCarthy.

At exactly what point in the summer was it crystal clear that the Bears were a whole lot better than anticipated?

Dickerson: When the Bears knocked off the Vikings in Week 11. That success served that the Bears were to get real. Sunday night’s win over the Rams put it over the top. I don’t think you will find lots of people left. Sure, most critics still question quarter back Mitchell Trubisky, and rightfully so, but the Bears are the best playoff group.

Where does that season ranking in Rodgers’ career?

Demovsky: The kneejerk reaction would be at the end, that is notable since he has thrown 2 3 touchdowns and just one interception. However, Rodgers has overlooked many throws with his eyes shut, he used to create. More than that, two throws on critical late-game show at losses in Seattle and Minnesota in to dirt stick out. However, Rodgers’ knee injury had to play a factor, whether he wants to admit it or not. It messed with his footwork and than just anyone & rsquo; so willing to admit, but although it might not hurt .

What’s become the most important development for Trubisky in Year two?

Dickerson: Playing in Matt Nagy’s system. To characterize the Bears’ offense this past year as”lacking creativity” is an understatement. This really is an entire new world for Trubisky, who’therefore the quarterback to run the RPO fashion of offense Nagy brought in Kansas City with him. Roll-outs are always called for by nagy, quarter back and misdirection keeps — the mix of plays Trubisky to perform. Having demonstrated playmakers such as Allen Robinson, Tarik Cohen, Anthony Miller among others on offense certainly helps, but not one of the success happens without Nagy.

What if the Packers be searching for in their next coach?

Demovsky: A person Rodgers will hear. He also McCarthy had a viable give and take for the majority of the tenure, but something changed. That’s probably ordinary in virtually any coach-quarterback relationship, but when team president Mark Murphy said McCarthy’s tenure had”run its own course,” those words — harsh as these were — probably implemented to the coach and quarterback than whatever else. Who was responsible? We may not ever know. However, Rodgers is the employee, and also the coach continues to be the boss. The partnership must be looked at that way.

What’s Nagy attracted to the Bears in his very first season?

Nagy is the total opposite. Sureit helps that the Bears are winning, but the culture was changed by Nagy. He is creative, innovative, relatable, energetic, and most importantly, he holds himself accountable. That was scarcely seen by us from the last regimen. Nagy should win coach of the year. He has been good in just his first season.

Since the Packers look to employ a coach and boost their roster, is there such a thing that they are able to study on the Bears?

But GM Brian Gutekunst missed out on an opportunity to add a rare talent.

Do you view that the Bears as legitimate Super Bowl contenders?

The Bears’ greatest regret is they neglected to take care of business two weeks ago. Had the Bears defeated the Giants, they’d be in the combination to get a high-value playoff bye. As it sounds, the Bears will probably need to play in New Orleans or Los Angeles from the NFC divisional round (given they win their own first-round game). Those are places to playwith. I can’t rule out the Bears rendering it but it’therefore more difficult to play with that dominating mode of defense or at the Coliseum in Los Angeles.

What would the Packers have to complete in the offseason to battle the Bears from 2019?

Demovsky: Access Rodgers straight back on track, and put in some key pieces. They’t spent in Rodgers using their 134 million expansion, also there’s no reason rsquo;t get back again to his MVP ways. But he’therefore going to need some help. Defensively, keeping coordinator Mike Pettine up to speed after the coaching change and giving a productive edge rusher to him would make to an quarter back.

Which would be the Bears overlooking they need to address from the offseason?

None of them is really a move, although Even the Bears can also probably look to upgrade on the offensive line in right address. This Bears & rsquo; roster’s crux is set. Plus, the Bears don’t pick until the next round this year, partially as a result of the Mack trade.


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