“One thousand percentage. I was joking when I talked on the podcast. I was thinking how dumb it was people actually took that quote and made it law as,’Oh my God, he is a moon landing truther,’ what you may would like to call it, yada yada. So I was thinking that part about it the story took a life of its own.

“But with respect to the reaction I’ve gotten, I’m definitely going to carry [NASA] up on their deal. Shine a light in their enormous work through the years and I will educate myself firsthand that NASA has been doing. And people understand that education is power, informing yourself is power. For kiddies out that will be critical, know that you should not believe something just because someone says it. You need to research your options and know everything you believe. But I will head to NASA and I will relish the encounter.”

“We ever been to the moon” Curry asked.

After a few voices said,’No,’ Curry reacted,”They are going to come get us, I really don’t think so either. Sorry, I don’t want to begin conspiracies.”

The comments quickly went Curry and viral admits being astonished how big the story turned into.

“This one got me. Because of the setting that I was in when I was talking. If you actually hear the podcast we were talking about a number of stuff. We moved from Trae Young comparisons about what noise does one dinosaur make? From what’s your favorite brand of golfclub to conspiracy theories. And out of an podcast which five-second comment of me ‘Can we land on the moon?’ Was the one thing people got out of this that has been part of why I let it sit out there is only because I was like,’What’s that?’ There’s a lot more critical stuff ‘s going on in our world that doesn’t necessarily deserve that attention. But again, I got a NASA invite outside of it and that I going to enjoy it”


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