Denmark overcome Montenegro 24:23 (15:11) to stay in the race for its third place of Main Round Group at Nantes, that may bring fit for its 5th place in Paris on Friday. In the exact same time, Montenegro stayed out of TOP three regions, meaning this is their last match with this Championship.

Denmark: Anne Mette Hansen 6, Fie Woller 4, Lotte Grigel 3, Trine Ostergaard Jensen 3, Kathrine Heindahl two, Mette Tranborg two, Stine Jørgensen two, Kristina Jørgensen Inch, Stine Bodholt Nielsen Inch.

Majda Mehmedovic Inch, montenegro: Jovanka Radicevic 7 Durdina Jaukovic 4, Andrea Klikovac 3 Tatjana Brnovic Inch.

Russia 8
France 5
Denmark 4
Montenegro 4
Sweden 3
Serbia 2

Spain — Norway 26-33 (1718 )

Spain: Soledad López 5, Ana Martínez 3, Almudena Rodríguez 3, Ainhoa Hernández 3, Mireya González 3, Carmen Martin two, Nerea Pena two, Alicia Fernandez two, Paula Valdivia two, Elisabet Cesareo Inch.

Norway: Stine Oftedal 8, Malin Aune 4, Camilla Herrem 4, Emilie Arntzen 3, Heidi Loke 3, Marit Jacobsen 3, Henny Reistad two, Veronica Kristiansen two, Kari Brattset Inch, Linn Sulland 1, Sanna Solberg Inch, Vilde Ingstad Inch.

Netherlands 6
Romania 6
Norway 6
Hungary 4
Germany 4
Spain 0

Mandatory Credit &replicate; Uros Hocevar / kolektiff


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