Despite all of the chatter that’s occurring as of Tuesday about a Canelo vs. g gg trilogy fight on May 4, Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions says that they have no deal in place for a Caenlo-GGG 3 fight to the Cinco de Mayo weekend next might. De La Hoya states that the battle involving Canelo and g gg will take place, however he doesn&rsquo.

“I haven’t even spoken to g gg, I haven’t even spoken to his handlers. I have date for Canelo and that’s it,” De La Hoya said.

De La Hoya won’t create the announcement to Canelo’s fight on May 4 however he’so going to perform it. He’s got to in order to hype it well ahead of time.

News broke Golden Boy Promotions and GGG Promotions jointly booking the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for Might 4, earlier Tuesday. If golden-boy and De La Hoya haven’t talked to g gg about a third fight with Canelo, it makes you wonder why they would have been through the effort to collectively reserve the tmobile on May 4.

De La Hoya is currently counting to snatch his WBA ‘routine ’ super middleweight title. De La Hoya will start planning his next fight, once that belt is in Canelo & rsquo ownership. What we do understand is 28, Canelo, doesn’t have plans on defending the WBA title and staying 168. In wanting to fight the lions that were true at Zurdo super middleweight like Callum Smith, Gilberto David Benavidez & lsquo & rsquo; Ramirez, Jesse Hart, George Groves and Jose Uzcategui, canelo indicates no vision. Those would be tough workouts for Canelo, also he’s not going to put his neck on the line against those kinds of middleweights. That & rsquo; s a man that was knocked out in the first round by Callum Smith, although canelo is willing to risk his hide fighting Fielding. It would be courageous if Canelo had selected Callum.

“Is he gonna fight g gg again? &ldquoWe call the shots today. Canelo be at him if he’s going to fight him ’s going to be if we say.

De La Hoya seems just like he’s become intractable along with his approaches. If De La Hoya doesn’t watch out, ” he ’s going to negotiate Canelo out of a fight with g gg. ” he & rsquo; ll end up getting nothing to show for it if De La Hoya uses the & lsquo; s & rsquo; s way into the highway & rsquo; method of hastening the Canelo-GGG III trilogy fight. Canelo would then have to fight someone like Jermall Charlo David Lemieux or Daniel Jacobs on May 4. Of the three, as having the best chance of getting picked by GB Promotions to fight Canelo on May 4, Lemieux would have to be regarded. But rsquo & that;s not a fight that will bring to DAZN in a large amount of readers.

If what Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez says is true about Canelo needing to bring in several readers to DAZN for him in order to complete the whole 11-fight, 5-year, $365 million bargain, then that means they could ’t afford to fight too many weak competitions like Fielding and Lemieux without stunting the amount of readers he brings. For boxing fans to need to pay $10 each month to subscribe to DAZN, they want to view Canelo fight Decent opposition as much as possible, which means men like Golovkin, Jermall Charlo, Daniel Jacobs, Callum Smith, Demetrius Andrade, Billy Joe Saunders, Jarrett Hurd, Jermell Charlo, Erislandy Lara, Jaime Munguia, Gilberto Ramirez and David Benavidez. Those guys should really be the only ones which Canelo is focusing on fighting in order to bring to DAZN at subscribers’ maximum level.

De La Hoya says that apart from GGG, Billy Joe Saunders, Daniel Jacobs and also the Charlo brothers ‘ are options for Canelo’so battle at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“They’re going to receive it,” De L Hoya explained. “Canelo fights the best.

Canelo doesn’t and the best fight. S no opponent for this Saturday rsquo & that; s establish immediately who the golden-boy star doesn & rsquo;t fight the best. If you Undergo Canelo’s three Decades of the career, you’ll see these less compared to the best fighters:

James Kirkland

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr..

Amir Khan

Liam Smith

Alfredo Angulo

That was long past, although there is a time when those fighters were considered champions. Once these were to the side of their livelihood canelo and of these fought, once they were at their finest, and perhaps not the exact very same guys they were.

Canelo has fought with that the 36-year-old Golovkin (38-1-1, 34 KOs) double with both of the fights end in controversy in vegas. Among both conflicts, Canelo tested positive for the substance clenbuterol on having eaten tainted meat at 27, which he blames. The corrupt beef excuse didn’move over well with the boxing public, t soar with all the Nevada State Athletic Commission nor did. The Nevada Commission suspended for his favorable test that was clenbuterol. The buffs laughed in Canelo, wondering how long he & rsquo;d been using the substance, also calling him an apology. Golovkin still agreed to struggle Canelo from the rematch, however there is testing done to ensure that the 2 were in a level playing field.

After the next controversial decision from the rematch, g gg wanted Canelo to agree to a fight, however he and his promoters at golden-boy chose to select the fight with WBA secondary middleweight champion Fielding. The matchup has not caught on with the fans unfortunately. It had been smart for Golden Boy Promotions to start discussing the third party Canelo vs. g gg fight right now, because it can help drive up fascination with Saturday’s Canelo-Fielding fight. Name dropping rsquo & g gg name is really actually just a wise thing for Golden Boy. Now they simply want Canelo to assist by talking a third fight with g gg. Canelo and golden-boy could help drive up interest from the Fielding fight if these needed to make an early announcement of their Canelo-GGG trilogy fight for May 4.

Golovkin is really on vacation however there’s expected to be partner he’s going to be signing up with. GGG has fulfilled with ESPN/Top Rank, Premier Boxing Champions at Fox/Showtime and DAZN. You never know, although Many boxing fans expect Golovkin to register with DAZN so he could possibly find yourself a third fight with Canelo. By enrolling in Showtime/Fox or ESPN that the fans might surprise. Golovkin is going to be nice regardless of where he ends up. If g gg never fights Canelo back, his livelihood will still be a powerful one. Golovkin might likewise be better off if he doesn’t face Canelo back, because he could possibly not have to worry about being involved decisions that are controversial. In the event the theory that boxing fans have is correct regarding Canelo getting conclusions due to his popularity instead of his ability, then the chances are that g gg will never receive yourself a determination within the star no matter how many times they fight one another.


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