Deshaun Watson has been hurt last season, therefore he didn’t have to play as a newcomer at conditions. 

HOUSTON — After three home games in NRG Stadium, the Houston Texans will go to the Northeast to play two games in cold weather.

Though quarter back Deshaun Watson has plenty of big game experience, he has never played at the potentially frigid December states he could face Saturday in New York against the Jets, at which the prediction requires a low of 39 by having an 80 per cent chance of rain and 10 15 mph winds, and yet again in Week 16 in Philadelphia, where temps could dip below freezing with 10-15 mph winds against the Eagles.

“after all, nothing like the north because I am from Georgia,” Watson said when asked when he’s played in winter states. “Subsequently in high school, it had been kind of — it snowed, but it was not the true snow like if you played with in New York. So, frankly, no. Nonetheless, it isn’t going to affect my match “


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