Adrian Phillips may play several places, which enables the Chargers to engage in with a more speedy personnel group that will help contain potent passing games like the one they’ll see in Kansas City. 

COSTA MESA, Calif. — About an star-studded defense that includes the Kind of Joey Bosa, Derwin James, Melvin Ingram and Casey Hayward, a little-known safety for the LosAngeles Chargers could be the key cog that helps Decrease an volatile Kansas City Chiefs offense led by Patrick Mahomes.

Versatile security Adrian Phillips‘ unique skill set allows the Chargers to engage in a bigger, speedier personnel group that will help contain potent passing games, though holds up against the series.

The Chargers used six defensive backs on a league-high 379 defensive slides, allowing 5.4 yards a play, and it is No. 13 in the NFL. They have allowed just 4.38 yards per rush complete, also No. 1-3 in the league.

That intellect allows the University of Texas product to play different places on the area.

On Thursday, the Chargers will need Phillips and the remainder of the shield to help slowdown a Kansas City offense that has listed a league-high 87 volatile plays (runs of 16-plus yards or death plays of 20-plus yards).

“to begin with, he’s extremely intelligent,” Bradley said. “they could play strong safety, free safety, dime [linebacker] and nickel [linebacker] for us, and we’d feel exceptionally comfortable if he had been in any one of those places.

“So that intellect, he has got a football IQ that is, to state compare him to anyone, he’s only one of the most elite guys in that field that I’ve ever been with us.”

26, phillips, got an opportunity to play because harms at linebacker forced Bradley to think out of this box, with a 5-foot-11, 210-pound backup safety for a linebacker in passing situations.

By happenstance a weakness turned into a strength, developing a in Phillips.

The pro has totaled eight pass breakups, 63 combined tackles and an interception this season.

“Once I sit and consider where I’ve been and how far I’ve arrived, it’s just all been a blessing,” Phillips stated. “It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t smooth sailing. There were a lot of nights I attempting to find my own way and was frustrated.

“But to be where I am at now, I wouldn’t alter any of the as it left me the player and person I am now.”

Before , Phillips said, he may have passed up on plays that he doubted his capacity to produce. Now that he has confidence in his ability, Phillip is currently making those plays that are game-changing with.

“It is just trusting yourself to make those plays, and once you get those chances, you make them you do not,” he said.

To Arrowhead Stadium, at which he received national attention a year ago when his wife came to check on him after he suffered a foot injury, Phillips yields on Thursday.

Wanting to be certain her husband was OK, once she assessed on Phillips, Camille left her way to the area, and has been escorted off the field with team staff.

Phillips said that his wife is actually in medical school and is going to do her profession to become a pediatrician year.

“Thinking back on it now, I am happy that she did,” Phillips stated. “It just proved that she’s in this thing 100 percent like I am, and that she cares about my well being. Simply with somebody that way, that really cares about you personally and loves you, you can’t ask for more than that.

“I am so grateful that I have her in my own life.”

Because she didn’t make the trip There’ll be no repeat operation for Camille in Kansas City this year.

“She will have to watch from home this time,” Phillips stated.


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