Dake Prescott and la’el Collins had reason to smile following their November triumph in Atlanta, a game by which Collins developed a fumble recovery. 

FRISCO, Texas — Margins of error are small from the NFL. Loss or A win can hinge on a play there or here, late or early.

The Dallas Cowboys are about the border of promising that their second NFC East title in three phases as a result of a five-game winning streak that started Nov. 1-2 at Philadelphia. The Cowboys were considered to be a dead team after their 35 record in first half, however they left a 27-20 victory against the Eagles to Lincoln Financial Field and have not stopped since.

In that game — as well as the four as — there have been moments that swung things into the Cowboys’ favor.


Nov. 11 at the Philadelphia Eagles

The specific situation: Cowboys lead 27-20 with two minutes remaining in the game. Philadelphia gets the ball at the Dallas 30, confronting third-and-2.

The drama: The Cowboys have been in their nickel defense — five defensive guards — contrary to the Eagles’ disperse look. At the snap, Leighton Vander Esch‘s eyes do not leave running Corey Clement. The Cowboys attract five pass-rushers using Jaylon Smith on a blitz.

As Clement shuffles to his right, Vander Esch eyes and shuffles wide with Eagles centre Jason Kelce and right guard Brandon Brooks, devoting their eyesight to the Cowboys’ linebacker. Vander Esch begins to creep toward the apartment, Since Wentz Forged to throw to Clement surface. Kelce and Brooks can not catch him and he trips Clement to get a loss .

The Eagles have a first down at least or a major drama at the maximum on a drive In case Vander Esch does not create the drama. Vander Esch’s analysis of the situation was similar to veteran linebacker Sean Lee, who’s had an uncanny capacity to diagnose plays fast and slip blockers to produce tackles for loss.

On fourth-and-7, Wentz reach tight end Zach Ertz to get a 6-yard gain with safety Jeff Heath which makes the first-down economy handle. In a more positive spot to get a first down, the Eagles would have been without Vander Esch’s stop.

“I knew these were planning to try out something kind of amazing,” Vander Esch said after the game. “They strove that screen, and that I knew was forthcoming. I just put myself in place to ensure that I had been out to return, if anything, and made the drama “

Nov. 18, at the Atlanta Falcons

The specific situation The Cowboys lead 96 from the third quarter however face a large third-and-1 from their 45.

The drama: The Cowboys stock up using 1-3 personnel — one rear and three tight ends. At the snap, centre Joe Looney is beat, forcing Ezekiel Elliott to quickly change direction while in the backfield. Former Cowboys defensive lineman Jack Crawford tracks Elliott down as the runner is lunging to the first down and pokes the ball .

Grady Jarrett, that interrupted the drama to start with, is about to pounce on the loose ball when it’s accidentally kicked by De’Vondre Campbell. Right handle La’el Collins jumps on the back end, giving the Cowboys’ the first-down conversion.

“That would be a remarkably considerable play in my own head,” coach Jason Garrett explained.

Six plays after, Dak Prescott needed a touchdown run to get a 12-9 lead.


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