Linebacker Zach Brown, under a week later being benched, said he sees the”writing on the wall” for him in Washington. And newcomer Mason Foster had a private Insta-gram exchange leaked in that he took a go at the organization along with the fans.

Foster, a Redskins captain and also a spokesman for its shield, was unavailable for comment Wednesday. Tuesday night However was leaked. Six followed it laughing emoji’s.

He also told the fan,”Yeah and I’m not f – – – wit it or being a scapegoat to produce fans feel better about all these big money ppl who ai not playin or becoming dogged out.” Finallyhe said in the exchange,”Yeah I will take to my chances and go to a winning team a year ago. . .love the redskins however that ai not it for its African #LOVE”.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden said Wednesday he spoke with Foster concerning the post.

“It’s a private message. I am aware Mason and how hard he’s worked and how hard he playswith. I understand he wouldn’t say anything to do so. This has been a personal deal. He could have already been messing around. I don’t know the message’s purpose, I actually don’t care.

“I do, however, disagree with this particular guy posting a private message out on societal media. He broke out a code that I don’t agree with. As far as Mason, I’ve only admiration for him as a person and a person .”

Foster had been active on Twitter until recently when he deleted his account. It contrasts with the Redskins’ slide in their own play and in the standings.

Redskins second year defensive end Jonathan Allen said he avoids interpersonal networking.

“How I view it, 99 percent of fans have been great,” he said. “They’re supportive no matter what you’re doing. They’re always going to love the Redskins. But there is always going to be one percentage of fans that are not like that, plus they’re the fans which are going to ruin it to everyone and present players the terrible image about all the fans — that isn’t the case.”

Brown said after being benched against the Giants he does not expect you’ll start at Jacksonville. At the moment, coach Jay Gruden said it was because Brown missed two weeks of practice with an illness. Brown was not buying that reasoning.

“after all, if a guy is ill, he is sick,” Brown said. “What was I supposed to do, go around and throw up for you? I had a stomach virus. Wasn’t nothing that I can do. Last year I didn’t practice at all until Friday or even Saturday together with my knee injury, therefore it is kind of contradictory exactly what they’re saying.”

That Brown said he can not see himself using more of the next in Washington. The Redskins signed him to a deal worth $24 million final offseason. They’d have $3 million in money that is dead. The Redskins maintained Reuben Foster last week later he had been published by the sanfrancisco 49ers. In case Reuben Foster is cleared of plays and domestic violence rates the Redskins, he would struggle for Brown’s job.

“I believe they’re just moving in another way towards everything,” Brown said. “I’m going this way, they’re going this direction. I’ll keep in touch with themright now I’ve just got to concentrate on beating Jacksonville.”

Brown has spoken out before, as has safety D.J. Swearinger — on the defensive performance, and also the need for players and coaches to prepare better. Earlier this season, corner Josh Norman criticized the fans because of its absence of a home-field advantage, though a week after he bought and passed out more than 50 tickets for fans.

Gruden said each of the broadcasting of participant grievances does not indicate a bigger problem. Several sources, nevertheless, have questioned the defensive group’s chemistry.

For Brown, it moves straight back again to losing his job. He’s viewed as eloquent, but inconsistent.

“It’s been very frustrating,” Brown said. “You receive benched and it is nothing as if you get yourself a reason or anything such as [it]. Only got to continue doing things, just must keep practicing. You got to just stay ready. But at precisely the exact same time that it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating on anybody to acquire benched and you not know the reason.”


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