James Gallagher believes that suffering a massive loss to Ricky Bandejas–that the very first defeat of the literary prospect’s livelihood –has ultimately helped him to become a better fighter.

“It’therefore rsquo & the thing which ;s ever happened to me. My mindset; s changed on the reasons I want to [struggle ].

“rsquo & There;s that&rsquo. I always work my bollocks off and I wake up every afternoon that is f*cking and I’ve never wanted it as much. My reasons has really changed. I can see how that people have fell off and that I note that & rsquo; therefore due to these reasons why they want to make money they wish to win world titles and why they want to find big.

“The reason is therefore I will hand back it to my family and my coach, therefore that I really say ‘thanks’. I’ve rsquo; everything is about learning to be a world champion and ve helped me to arrive here. That’therefore my reasons : I would like to sit down a while and hands my [parents] along with my tutor a domain. That’s that it’s. I’m not even here to find famous, I&rsquo. I for a world champion personally, and also need my family and a secure future for me and those near to me. ”

The SBG fighter claimed he put no special pressure on himself to stay unbeaten before the loss, however, insisted that he consistently prioritizes his operation over the outcome of a bout.

“I was not fearful of losing any way,” he said. “Losing isn’t at all something [that bothers me]. It’s about which the operation ’therefore it goes for mepersonally. I really could go in there and win and Irsquo;d be disappointed if rsquo & my operation wasn ;t good. I’ve ever gone before and I’ve t gone on the best of my skill. For mepersonally, it’s going acting and showing my skills off. I want to venture around and not get I’m looking for the fight. ”

He admitted there are some things he needs to familiarize himself with in terms of competing bantamweight, rather than a featherweight.

“I’m going to do things a bit different this time with substance and the weight reduction …however, it went the last time too. No explanations, I went to that fight sense great, don’t even make me wrong I don’t even need it to seem as though that I went in there feeling awful or anything. There are no explanations I went inside and have beat, but that I do really need to become accustomed to it and that I do have to take matters into consideration,” stated Gallagher.

“I’ll do anything it takes to become a world champion. I’m likely to do anything it happens of course if they put a fight in my way I’jump onto it, m likely to accept it and work my bollocks off for [the universe name ]. I’m I wish to fight every month or two. ”


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